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So-Pac Marine has over 30 years experience as both manufacturer and distributor of equipment for pleasure and commercial craft.

We import some of the best known brands from the US, Europe and Australia, and have long established distribution channels to various market sectors including marine retail stores, production and custom boat builders of pleasure or commercial, trailer boats to superyachts.   

Our plastic access hatches are widely used in NZ, Australia and the USA. Sales in these markets jump each year and we continue to look for new export markets. Take a look at our 4000 series hatches, which we claim to be virtually waterproof, and with CE approval.

Our website features 100's of great marine products. Please contact us for prices and quantities required. We offer competitive freight rates and same day despatch upon receipt of payment.

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So-Pac has the biggest range of Magma BBQ's, parts and accessories in the Southern Hemisphere!

See our Magma listings for details or come into our showroom to view the range

So-Pac are proud to announce market leading batteries 'Northstar' are now available in NZ



NorthStar Pure lead (99.99%) AGM engine start batteries deliver high CCA for superior cranking, unrivalled cycling, faster re-charge and longer life with minimal maintenance.

Their 12 Volt 8DK AGM battery is rated at 2,250 CCA, (3,150 Pulse CA).
It offers the best performance and is the highest capacity 8D available in the marketplace and has been specifically designed for demanding marine starting applications.

It consists of three BCI Group 24 battery modules that each weigh 26 kg when disassembled for installation (or partial replacement).
Other features are a Reserve capacity rating of 500 minutes, capacity of 228 Ah @ 20 hour rate, plus over 900 cycles to 50% depth of discharge.

Advanced AGM construction means no water levels to check or terminals to clean, and allows you to install the battery on its side. Pure lead technology also prevents the plates from sulphating; the number one cause of battery failure.

Other BCI group numbers 24, 27, 31, 34 and 65 marine terminal batteries are also available with CCA ratings between 800 and 1,150 CCA’s, (63 to 101 Ah). Marine warranty for these models is a manufacture 3 years Free Replacement.

Apart from other regular BCI sizes NorthStar produces two unique, custom ultra-slim 12 Volt models, one 396 x 287 x 107mm rated 108 Ah, 950 CCA 220 minute reserve capacity; one 559 x 320 x 125mm rated 186 Ah, 1400 CCA 400 minute reserve capacity and two new models will be announced soon. 

Click here to see the full range of Northstar Batteries

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                                Table and Chair Pedestals 


Telescopic & Fixed - Electric, Gas Powered & Manual Pedestals - made in Italy

     Sopac have a wide range of Barka Marine Table Pedestals to suit you and your boat. Whether you need an
    over the floor pedestal, removable or through the floor, we have something for you. We have gas powered,  
manual and electric to choose from depending on your preference.


 Click here to see the full range with specifications


Recommended Product

VyBar® Marine Sound Proofing

Rigid Acoustic Laminate Insulation for Marine Applications
Acoustica® VyBar® is a rigid laminate noise barrier and vibration damping material which has been specifically engineered to absorb and control noise and vibration in main and auxiliary engine enclosures and to line partition walls and bulkheads in marine vessels.
VyBar® has a unique material construction which unlike many other soundproofing materials results in high sound absorption coupled with resilience and compression loading capability.
VyBar® Marine is an extremely robust aluminium faced insulation with an indefinite life.
It does not shed fibres and will not delaminate; it is unaffected by vibration, oil, water and hydrolysis.
Tested and certified to meet the International Maritime Organisation resolution A635 (16) – recommendation on Improved Fire Test Procedures for Surface Flammability as amended by Resolution MSC 61(67).

Service Temperature :

-50 to 120C

   VyBar® Marine is available in sheets with standard sizes:       Vybar Marine

  1200 x 1200 x 20mm (VyBar® 848F)

  1200 x 1200 x 10mm (VyBar® 48F)


       Download Vybar Brochure (PDF)

Sopac End of Line/Surplus Sale

We are listing many quality items on Trademe

Our trader name is 'boatiebiz'

Items include steering wheels, helm sets, controllers, SS ladders, cleats, hingesets, levers, latches, pedestals, sliders, tank breathers, waterlock mufflers, drain sockets, LED lights and many miscellaneous marine products  

Product Spotlight

RotorSwing UK       

The World’s First Electric Retractable Magnus Effect Stabilizer

RotorSwing is the first fully electrically driven, non-hydraulic roll damping system for vessels up to 30 metres based on the Magnus effect. Instead of traditional fins, the system uses rapidly rotating cylinders which, subject to the direction of rotation, generate an up or downward pressure.

The biggest advantage of RotorSwing in comparison to a fin driven conventional system, is the greater roll damping at lower speeds. To achieve effective roll damping with fins it is necessary to reach a substantial speed through the water. This is partly due to the fact that often, the surface of the fins have been designed to be as small as possible to reduce the risk of damage. In shallow water, protruding fins are, in particular, very vulnerable.

RotorSwing features retractable rotors, eliminating the risk of damage. The retracted rotors remain largely within the turbulent boundary layer1 of the vessel so that any resistance is negligible.

If the rotors are in use in the “Drive” position, they can protrude outside the hull of the ship. However, should the engine be put in to neutral, the rotors automatically retract. This prevents damage during maneuvering and berthing at quays, in locks and ports.

The rotors do not have any effect on the steering and therefore, unlike fin based systems, can be mounted at a position of choice. For the majority of yachts, this is likely to be dictated by the onboard available space for the compact electric motor. It is even possible to mount the rotor at the stern which, in particular for fast-moving yachts, may be preferable.

RotorSwing is the first fully electrically driven, non-hydraulic stabilizing system based on the Magnus effect. No expensive, vulnerable hydraulic pumps, cylinders or high pressure lines and no risk of oil leaks on board. RotorSwing is a product from RotorSwing Marine, founded by Theo Koop. Theo, the founder and owner of the former KoopNautic Holland, is, for good reason, known as “the Godfather of stabilizers”.


• Silent operation (full electric drive)                                                        3D-Rotor-with-dame-award 2
• No hydraulics
• Quiet (especially at zero speed)
• Retractable (safe during transportation)
• High damping (also at low speed)
• Zero Speed (optional)
• Compact and easy installation
• No valuable loss of space on board
• Higher momentum (better damping)
• High static heel (best performance in following seas)
• RS 140 comparable with 1.1 m2 fins
• No steering effect (even transom mount is possible)
• Optional Rake control (allows use at higher speeds)
• 3 term controller (angle- velocity-acceleration)
• Easy to operate (park – drive)
Contact us at Sopac or click here for details

                          Product Spotlight: HMP Jet Thrusters

                          Jet thruster 1


                   The smart alternative to bow or stern thruster
          Click for more info shop://125_100026/

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