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Octopus Reversing Pumpsets

Reversing pumps are used when hydraulic steering is fitted on boats up to 65 feet L.O.A. (depending on rudder torque). The pumps are switched on by the automatic pilot and make a steering correction to left or right determined by the direction of rotation of the pump motor. The motors are of the permanent magnetic type and reversing direction is accomplished by reversing the motor input current.


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The pump has only three moving parts and requires no complicated check valves to prevent rudder movement when de-energized. Output flow is completely adjustable to 50% of rated flow allowing the pump output to be adjusted precisely to the volume of steering cylinder fitted. The pump is exceptionally reliable and delivers more than twice the hydraulic output per watt of input than gear pumps manufactured by competitors.

Motors are heavy duty, a full 85 mm in diameter with long brushes and sealed ball bearings for long service life. The molded rubber mounting foot can be rotated to allow the pump to be mounted on any surface.

A useful range of accessories can be used to enhance the pump by incorporating added valves and solid state FET switching. The valves mount directly to the pump body. The FET switch mounts adjacent to the pump. No other autopilot pump made offers such advantages.

Benefits of the Octopus Reversing Pumps

Piston pump technology giving higher efficiency and accuracy Fewer moving parts giving increased reliability Variable flow rate to make sure the pump is matched as accurately as possible to the manual steering system Professional cut off valves for simple servicing.

Specs and Dimensions
The pump set should be mounted on a horizontal surface in a clean dry area. The three hydraulic connections to the steering system should be made using tubing, which meets the steering system manufacturer's specification. All three hose connections must be used and under no circumstances must the pump set be run without the compensating (breather) line connected to the steering system reservoir.
Optional Accessories
  • Shut off valve - SV: The shut off valve mounts on the end of the pump enabling the pump unit to be disconnected from the steering system without loss of hand steering.
  • By-Pass Valve BP12V (12 volt) BP24V (24 volt): The bypass valve can be mounted to the pump and consists of a normally open solenoid valve (which is connected across the pump output) and a translucent plastic reservoir. When the valve is mounted to the pump and the assembly connected to a balanced hydraulic cylinder, the cylinder can be used to drive the rudder on vessels with mechanical steering. No external reservoir is required. Built-in bleeder screws allow the unit to be quickly filled and purged.
  • Unbalanced Valve UB: The unbalanced valve fits on the pump to adapt flow to unbalanced steering cylinders.

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