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Octopus Continuous Running Pumpsets (MED)

Octopus CRA Pump sets are continuously running D.C. motor driven pumps which are used for autopilot drive service on larger yachts and small commercial vessels. These pump sets can be used on steering cylinders up to 60 (1000 in volume.

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Unlike reversing pumps, which in sizes over 1/2 gallon/min (2000 cc/min) are rarely capable of delivering full steering pressure, these pumps deliver over 500 psi (35 bar) and are very economical in power consumption.

Rudder control is achieved by energizing coils in a solenoid valve. As these coils draw only 12 watts it is possible to drive the pump directly from the autopilot control without a power switch. This significantly reduces the cost of the automatic pilot.

Drive Sizing

The size of the drive must be matched to the size of the vessel’s existing steering ram, also the power supply capability of the autopilot must be considered.  To achieve optimum autopilot performance the goal is move the rudder/outdrive/outboard from full HO to HO in 13-15 seconds.  For a given steering ram volume (displacement), the drive pumping volume (displacement) usually stated per minute, should be approximately four (4) time larger than the steering ram volume.

Standard Features


  1. LOW POWER CONSUMPTION – Pump sets typically draw under 150 watts.
  2. WIDE VOLTAGE RANGE – 12 volt and 24 volt motors are available.
  3. WIDE FLOW RANGE – Units are available in 0.5 gpm, 0.75 gpm and 1.0 gpm (2000 cc/min, 3000 cc/min and 4000 cc/m)
  4. COMPLETELY WATERPROOF CONSTRUCTION – The motor, solenoid valve, starting relay and terminal connections are all enclosed in a waterproof cover. Ample space makes wiring easy.
  5. MANIFOLDED HYDRAULIC CONNECTION WITH SHUT OFF VALVES –Servicing this unit is easy as it can be disconnected from the steering system by closing three shut-off valves and removing the pump without draining the steering system.
  6. RUNNING INDICATOR LAMP – A running indicator lamp shows the motor is running. The lamp also indicates correct motor polarity.
  7. BUILT IN STARTING RELAY – A starting relay is supplied built into the motor enclosure, to switch the motor on and off from the pilot.

Optional Features


  1. FLOW CONTROL (Model CRA02 only) – Flow Control allows operator to adjust flow between 0.3 and 0.5 gpm (1300 to 2000 cc/min)
  2. PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE – Adjustable between 50 to 900 psi (4 to 60 bar).
  3. PRESSURE GAUGE – A pressure gauge is fitted to show steering pressures.

The unit is mounted on a horizontal surface in the engine room. Three hoses are supplied to connect the unit to the steering system


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