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Octopus Continuous Running Pumpsets (HD)

Octopus CRB pump sets are heavy duty continuous running 12 or 24V D.C. or 115 or 230V A.C. motor driven pumps which are used for autopilot service on larger yachts and commercial vessels. These pump sets can be used on steering cylinders up to 200 cu. in. (3500 cu. cm.) in volume.

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All models are fitted with an adjustable pressure relief valve and pressure gauge. They can be supplied as a simple pump unit, a motor and reservoir combination to replace an engine driven pump or fitted with a direction solenoid valve. Adjustable flow control and dual speed options are also available.

Electric motors are heavy-duty ball bearing type. A mechanical seal is used between the motor and pump rather than the usual lip seal; this ensures a long service life without “grooving” the shaft. Reservoirs are large capacity to ensure cool running in all climates.

Standard Features


  1. COMPACT EFFICIENT DESIGN – The units are custom built for the marine environment.
  2. LONG LIFE MECHANICAL SEAL – Between the pump and the motor, will not damage shaft after long service unlike more usual lip seal, which wears a groove in the shaft.
  3. PRESSURE GAUGE – Useful to show steering pressures.
  4. ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE – Factory set at 950 psi, adjustable between 100 to 1200 psi.
  6. WIDE FLOW RANGE: Units available in 1.0 gpm, 1.5 gpm, 2.0 gpm, 2.8 gpm and 3.5 gpm. (4000 cc/min, 6000 cc/min, 8000 cc/min, 10,000 cc/min and 13,000 cc/min).
Optional Features


  1. FLOW CONTROL - An adjustable flow control can be fitted, this allows the operator to adjust flow to approx 50% of rated flow.
  2. TWO SPEED - An adjustable second lower speed option can be fitted. With this option the pump runs normally in lower speed, higher speed is engaged by energizing an auxiliary solenoid valve. This is useful for hand jog applications were fast response is desirable.

The unit is mounted on a horizontal surface in the engine room. The hydraulic ports on the unit are 3/8 N.P.T., short lengths of suitable hydraulic hose should be used to connect the unit to the steering system.





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