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VyBar Engine Room Sound Proofing

VyBar® Marine Sound Proofing

Rigid Acoustic Laminate Insulation for Marine Applications.

Tested and certified to meet the International Maritime Organisation resolution A635 (16) – recommendation on Improved Fire Test Procedures for Surface Flammability as amended by Resolution MSC 61(67).

Acoustica® VyBar® is a rigid laminate noise barrier and vibration damping material which has been specifically engineered to absorb and control noise and vibration in main and auxiliary engine enclosures and to line partition walls and bulkheads in marine vessels.

VyBar® has a unique material construction which unlike many other soundproofing materials results in high sound absorption coupled with resilience and compression loading capability.

VyBar® Marine has been tested by the CSIRO and certified that it meets the requirements for low flame spread of a bulkhead, wall and ceiling lining as specified by the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974 and the technical requirements of the amended IMO resolution MSC61 (67), Annex2, section 2.2.

VyBar® Marine effectively treats the often combined phenomena of vibrations, sound transmission and sound reverberation encountered with most noise problems.

VyBar® Marine is an extremely robust aluminium faced insulation with an indefinite life. VyBar® Marine does not shed fibres and will not delaminate; it is unaffected by vibration, oil, water and hydrolysis.

With an indefinite life, VyBar® Marine is an extremely economical material that effectively reduces sound radiation and sound transmission in the critical frequency region of rigid panels such as steel, fibreglass, aluminium, etc.

Service Temperature : -50 to 120C

Supply: VyBar® Marine is available in sheets with standard sizes:
• 1200 x 1200 x 8 mm (VyBar® 48F)
• 1200 x 1200 x 16 mm (VyBar® 848F)

Other sizes available on request.



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