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CAL Pump 1,000 Lph 230V/50 Hz

Our longtime customers rely on our stainless steel and bronze pumps, and once you've owned one, you'll know why. 5 different models with flow rates from 225 gph to 1,200 gph cover a wide variety of uses. All pumps in this series come with a one-year warranty and will provide trouble free use in fresh or salt water. You can even use it in hot water up to 45°C!
Made in USA, US Coastguard approved

Features & Benefits
  • One year warranty
  • UL Listed for consumer confidence
  • Premium stainless steel and bronze construction for longevity
  • Six or twenty foot power cord for convenience
  • Suitable for fresh or salt water applications
  • Can be used in hot water applications up to 45°C
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Use submerged or in open air
  • Corrosion resistant
  • 115 or 220 volt motors
  • Thermally protected
  • Optional Mounting Bracket Available (model MSUB OR MSUBM)
  • Operate horizontal or volute down
  • MS225 and MS320 have ½” MNPT intake and ¼” MNPT discharge
  • MS580, 900,1200 have ¾” MNPT intake and ½” MNPT discharge 

Code Amps Max Max Flow LPH Max HT. M 1'/.3m 3'/.9m 5'/1.5m 7'/2.1m 9'/2.7m 11'/3.3m 13'/3.9m 15'/4.5m 17'/5.3m
CAL-MS320-6-2 .7 1170 308 1040 970 880 760 620 - - - -


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