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ITR Water Heater

The only DC diesel-fired continuous output domestic water heater

Water Heater LogoThe WaterHeater™ by ITR uses a patented diesel burner (12 VDC) controlled by a multi-functional electronic controller as the primary source of heating water. A single 1500 watt, 120 VAC immersion element is used as a secondary heat source (240 VAC also available). The WaterHeater™ by ITR heats water to provide a continuous supply for all domestic hot water needs.

Quiet, compact, safe, rugged, reliable, economical

Other features of The WaterHeater™ by ITR include:

  • A high-temperature, stainless steel burner and stainless steel jacket.
  • 5.3 US gallon (20.5 l) welded stainless steel insulated water tank that minimizes heat loss and optimizes heat recovery.
  • Low water level switch in the tank.
  • Easy to install with hookups and connections easily accessible from the top and front of The WaterHeater™ by ITR.
  • Quiet operation and low power consumption.
  • Low pressure fuel system with built-in fuel pump.
  • Fuel efficient burner capable of burning a wide variety of diesel-based fuels.
  • Exhaust has minimal smoke or smell.
  • Fan assisted sealed combustion chamber is designed to use outside air.
  • Simple, low amperage draw ignition.

Electronically-controlled system with:
  • Automatic Safety Shutdown.
  • Manual reset aquastats for safety overheat protection.
  • LED indicators on the Control Panel for diagnostics.
  • Patented, proprietary flame sensor.
  • The WaterHeater™ by ITR Remote Operating Panel with ON/OFF switch for the diesel burner and indicator LED’s for operational and diagnostic information
Optional feature: Use the water heater by ITR for space heating!
With the optional Heating Module, the heated domestic water is used as the heat source producing up to 14,000 BTU/h.  The Heating Module uses a 316 ss heat exchanger to isolate the domestic water and prevent any contamination while in space heating mode.

Code Dimensions mm Weight Full (Kg) Storage capacity (L) NPT Water Fittings Exhaust Outlet Fuel Consumption per hour Power Usage (Watts) Voltage @ 12V DC Current (amps) Temp Rise from Input
  H W L                  
ITR-33000 340 203 600 76 912 1/2" 1-1/5" 1.3 L/hr 65 10-16 5.4 11-18°

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