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Stabilus Hatch Gas Stays

Gas Springs for Lifting, Lowering, Moving, and Adjusting

STABILUS gas pressure springs in the LIFT-O-MAT line are used whenever loads need to be lifted or lowered in a controlled manner. They provide force assist and thus ensure optimum weight equalization. With LIFT-O-MAT gas springs, opening and closing doors and lids becomes child’s play. Its damping properties ensure safe and user-friendly motion sequences.

Great for lifting and holding open small to usual sized hatches.  These are sold pre-gassed, the gas pressure can be increased if required, not decreased.  Mounting brackets are included with each kit.

Please note GS-Kit 1 are sold as singles while GS-Kit 2, 3 and 4 are sold as doubles.
Code To Fit Hatch Size mm Hatch Weight kg Force (normal use) Open Length mm Closed Length mm Price incl. GST
GS-Kit 1 400 x 400 to 600 x 600 2-5 100 Nm 400 245 $256
GS-Kit 2 600 x 600 to 800 x 800 5-15 100 Nm 545 325 $609
GS-Kit 3 800 x 800 to 1000 x 1000 15-25 200 Nm 605 355 $665
GS-Kit 4 1000 x 1000 to 1500 x 1500 25-35 300 Nm 695 375 $839

Custom sizes available on request, up to 1000 Nm


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