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Balmar MC624-H 24 Volt Regulator

The Balmar Max Charge MC-624-H, Premium, Intelligent Charging Regulation is setting the standard for smart, multi-stage 24-volt charge control The MC-624 is engineered to tailor charging based on battery technology and environmental conditions. The MC-624 features seven user-adjustable battery programs, as well as a default program that's safe for most battery types), plus a wealth of advanced programming features. The MC-624-H includes wiring harness.

The Max Charge MC-624-H Voltage Regulator Kit Includes:

  • Max Charge MC-624 Voltage Regulator
  • 54" Wiring harness
  • Fused (1A) battery sense wire pigtail
  • Magnetic programming tool
  • Installation manual
  • Operation manual


  • The regulator includes user selectable programs for standard and deep-cycle flooded, gel, AGM, spiral wound AGM, voltage-sensitive halogen systems and a default program that's safe for most battery types, and an extensive selection of advanced programming modes
    • Other features include alternator and battery temperature sensing (Requires Optional temperature sensors Purchased Separately)
  • The regulator initiates the charging process with a user-adjustable start delay that allows the engine and belts to warm up before the alternator applies horsepower load to the system. The regulator then gently ramps up to bulk charging voltage
  • The bulk charging mode is where the lion's share of aggressive charging output occurs
  • Once the requirements of the batteries being charged, the MC-624 regulator reduces charging voltage to absorption voltage, and later, to float voltage -- where the charging system is able to supply enough charging current to replace whatever electrical load the vessel demands
  • The Max Charge uses a combination of timed and calculation-based segments to ensure that the regulator remains in each stage of charge for as little or as long is required in the bulk, absorption, and float stages
  • In other words, the regulator will remain in bulk charge for a minimum time period (12 minutes is standard)
  • At the end of that 12 minutes, the regulator considers a number of criteria; whether target voltage has been achieved, if the regulator was able to maintain that voltage for a given time, and how hard the alternator has to work to maintain that voltage
  • When all criteria are met, the regulator will advance to the next charging stage
  • Like a smart shorepower charger, the MC-624 uses advanced software programming to provide individualized charging profiles, depending on the battery type being charged
  • By setting the regulator to the battery program for your battery type, you can rest assured that your batteries will receive optimal charging whenever your engine is running.

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